Fiberglass Panel Used as Wall and Roofing Materials Is Very Popular to Replace Traditional Metal and Glass Sheeting

Fiberglass panel is a thin, lightweight board which constructed from the pressed strands of fiberglass. It is used as an alternative to metal sheeting and traditional glass as wall and roofing materials especially in greenhouses. A fiberglass panel can be in kinds of sizes and colors, but it is featured by its outer textures. According to the surface pattern, fiberglass panel can classify by corrugated panel and fiberglass flat panel.

PVC fiberglass panel of good decorative effect
Fiberglass honeycomb panel with high strength
Fiberglass panel is popular to today's life
Fiberglass corrugated panel in white

Advantages of fiberglass panels

  1. No cracking when driving nails in roof installation.
  2. Close combining with color steel plate.
  3. After long time of service without the phenomenon of yellow.
  4. Good resistance to weather.
  5. Good and clean appearance and bright.
  6. Long service life.

Applications of fiberglass panel

Fiberglass panel is popular than other materials because it is lighter, not easy to damage, does not rust, cost low than metal or glass. Therefore it is used as a key building component providing protection from the most extreme industrial and corrosive environments, such as roof, wall, window and fence coverings, skylights, porch-ends, drop-ceiling panels, awnings, carports and decks, liners for shower stalls, sanitation rooms and trucks, greenhouses, solar collectors, etc.

Main specifications:
Size (mm) Thickness Surface material
600 × 600 600 × 1200 1200 × 2400 25 Textile fabric Impact-resistant fabric

Special specifications can be customized by customers.

Fiberglass reinforced flat panel:

Fiberglass reinforced flat panel is very popular enjoying the features of superior strength, insulating properties, durability, ease of maintenance, design advantages and excellent aesthetic. It is often applied in residential application such as in garages, workshops, basements, and also applied in commercial and industrial applications such as restaurants, dining room, service stations, hospitals, ceilings, etc.

Fiberglass corrugated panel

Fiberglass corrugated panels have many benefits and features: heavy-duty fiberglass construction, good weather resistance, lightweight and easy to handle, good appearance, etc.

Applications: widely used as roofs and covers in greenhouse, privacy fences, storage sheds, and pools.