Fiberglass Cloth Used for Insulation, Filtration, Commercial and Construction Due to Its Advantages

Fiberglass strands can be weaved together into a simple sheet of cloth, called fiberglass cloth. Fiberglass cloth is generally known as fiberglass geotextiles which widely applied in civil engineering. Some people often think this product is the same to reinforced fiberglass mesh. However it is not right. It is mainly a geosynthetic that composite made from fiberglass and short-term acupuncture nonwoven cloth.

The advantages of fiberglass cloth are following:

  1. Good coverage function: applied to kinds of surfaces, it can cover the defects of old and new walls effectively and ensure the uniformity of the surface structure and color.
  2. Strong tensile strength, it is effective to prevent wall cracking and plays a good roll in wall reinforcement with the high-quality coatings, easy to clean and without surface accumulation of static electricity.
  3. The open voids organizational structure is good for natural diffusion of water vapor to promote the adjustment of the indoor climate.
  4. The non-smooth surface of the fabric can reduce the noise.
  5. Excellent fire and heat resistance.
  6. Save time and easy to install, environment protection, safety and good decoration, rich texture.
  7. Play the role of reinforcement, drainage, protection, filtration, isolation in roads, water conservancy, environmental protection and other projects.

Fiberglass cloth application:

Fiberglass cloth is very durable and can be used in a variety of different ways, such as insulation, marine and recreation, advanced composites, electronics, filtration, commercial and construction, protection, etc.

Durable fiberglass cloth in black and yellow
Fiberglass cloth for air filtering
Plain weave fiberglass cloth
Fiberglass cloth on black background