Fiberglass mesh for aluminium corner bead

fiberglass mesh for aluminium corner bead as following technical requirements:
1. Alkali-resistant.
2. Color: white.
3. Density: 110g/m2.
4. Width of the roll: 0.1428m (the roll with the width 1m cut into 7 strips).
5. Length: 200-300m.
6. Inner diameter (bobbin): 50mm.
7. Coating quantity: 20%
8. Size of cell: 5 × 5mm.
9. Breaking strength, N/50mm:  Warp - 1300  Weft - 800.
10. Breaking strength after 28-days storage in 5%-solution of NaOH at temperature 18-30°C, N/50mm: Warp - 650  Weft - 400.
11. Package: carton boxes.

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